This is a memo-page for all the Music Your Mind Will Love You things.

Current state of site — PRE-BIRTH.

MYMWLY was an Australian art collective, which gave birth to independent label with Mike Donnelly (Terracid, 6majik9, Soarwhole, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, etc.) behind the wheel. Label was oriented on contemporary worldwide experimental/psychedelic/improv scene. All releases were recorded on CDRs and the copies were very limited (usually about 100).
The label is currently shut down for unknown time. It could be just frozen for awhile as well as be closed till the end of music’s existence… For a year or two after MYMWLY Mike played around with it’s descendant called Pacific Soma. This rebranded label planned to deal both with the old format CDRs as well as with CDs and LPs (in a bit less print quantities). But in fact everything finished up with the only album of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood named Grass Openings (co-released with Finnish label Ikuisuus) in Sept 2009 and then Pacific Soma followed MYMWLY in the fields of eternal jams. As Mike said, “it was a short lived experiment”. No excuses.
The latest news (as for summer 2010) pictured Mike Donnelly actively working on 6majik9 comeback and on setting up a new label — Hashram. The 1st batch of releases was announced for September and consisted of brand new 6majik9 as well as few more Donnelly’s collectives (Christian Television, Terracid, Car Hunt, Asylum Seekers, Ffehro, etc).