mymwly0001 • Various Artists (musicyourmindwillloveyou sightsoundcollective), "You Will Love Your Music Mind"
mymwly0002 • Ffehro, "Gon"
mymwly0003 • Terracid, "The Evacuation Of Earth"
mymwly0004 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 1"
mymwly0005 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Animal Speak"
mymwly0006 • NaDa, "Yidaki Mind Tree"

— 2005

mymwly0007 • Snowfoxx, "The Lost Resort"
mymwly0008 • The Juniper Meadows, "A Forest Of Lights"
mymwly0009 • Various Artists, "Charms Cut From Our Trees"
mymwly0010 • Terracid, "Speed Has Slowed To A Star"
mymwly0011 • 6majik9, "The Human Hand"
mymwly0012 • Sunmilk, "Maple Heathens"
mymwly0013 • Ffehro, "The 17 Voting Cardinals"
mymwly0014 • The Golden Oaks, "We Enter These White Woods"
mymwly0015 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 2" 2CDr
mymwly0016 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Lucifer's Bride"
mymwly0017 • Soarwhole, "Knows Krystall Of Doom"
mymwly0018 • 6majik9, "In Mara's Glove"
mymwly0019 • Terracid, "Transcendent Reign Inheritor" (reissue of 2nd Terracid disc, originally released on Foxglove)
mymwly0020 • Corsican Paintbrush, "Twilight Blue Skies"
mymwly0021 • Hush Arbors, "Death Calligraphy" 3"
mymwly0022 • Blonde Cobra, "Gold In The Gutter"
mymwly0023 • Cactus Creature
mymwly0024 • Aditi Tahiti
mymwly0025 • NaDa BaBa, "Ambient Time Arm"
mymwly0026 • Autumn Galaxy, "Harappa"
mymwly0027 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 3"

— 2006

mymwly0028 • Charles Curse, " Insilverscene"
mymwly0029 • Terracid, "Abraxas"
mymwly0030 • Rura-Pente, "Hindu Division"
mymwly0031 • Alligator Crystal Moth, "Solis"
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mymwly0034 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Canisanubis"
mymwly0035 • Bjerga/Iversen, "Smoke Filled Mirrors"
mymwly0036 • Ajilvsga, "From The Black River To The Dead See"
mymwly0037 • (((vlubä))), "Oh(m) S(o)un(d) (T(h)ree) Angles"
mymwly0038 • Egghatcher, "Empty Microphone"
mymwly0039 • Terracid, "Fortress Of Eternal Smells"
mymwly0040 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Run From Your Honey Mind" (reissue, originally released on CPsiP)
mymwly0041 • Zoo, "Frogs Making Love In Glass Rivers"
mymwly0042 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 4"
mymwly0043 • Heavy Winged/Taiga Remains Split
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mymwly0046 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 5"
mymwly0047 • 6majik9, "The Ice Dragon That Ate Bolivia"
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mymwly0049 • Paeces, "Psychic Tables"
mymwly0050 • Taiga Remains, "Moon Colored Dogs" (extended reissue (+ 1 track), originaly released on Students Of Decay)
mymwly0051 • (VxPxC), "Devoid Of Karma"
mymwly0052 • North Sea, "Baby Blue Bones"
mymwly0053 • Ajilvsga, "The Harvest"
mymwly0054 • Charles Curse, "Rain In Skull"
mymwly0055 • Robert Horton & Michael Shannon, "Broken Mask"
mymwly0056 • Valerio Cosi & Wilson Lee, "Cold Solemn Rites In The Sun"
mymwly0057 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Statues From Space"
mymwly0058 • Bunnybrains, "Live At RPI"
mymwly0059 • The Mighty Acts Of God, "We Could Fail Under The Stars"
mymwly0060 • Keijo & The Free Players, "Endless Clouds"
mymwly0061 • GMC, "Detallederepentepaz (Odelmar)" 3"
mymwly0062 • The Holy See, "Untitled"

— 2007

mymwly0063 • Terracid, "Pinnacles Upon Aesthetes In Glorious Bows"
mymwly0064 • Catrider, "Catrider"
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mymwly0066 • Various Artists, "Sound Surrounds Us, Vol. 6" 2CDr
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mymwly0068 • Keijo & The Free Players, "Touching Together"
mymwly0069 • Bunnybrains, "Wave Farm"
mymwly0070 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Enter The Cult Until The Dust To Represent The World Discovers The Hallucinogens And Bent Us To Their Use"
mymwly0073 • Ice Bird Spiral, " Ice Bird Spiral"
mymwly0074 • Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, "We're A Monotonous Band"
mymwly0075 • Hrönir, "Bardo Thödol (Liberação Por Audição No Plano Post Morten)"
mymwly0076 • throuRoof, "Infinity Less Moontales"
mymwly0077 • 6majik9, "Sellin & Handy"
mymwly0078 • Corsican Paintbrush, "Lichens And Moss" (reissue, originally released on Foxglove)
mymwly0079 • Alligator Crystal Moth, "Magic Swamp Kingdom" (reissue, originally released by Foxglove in 2005)
mymwly0080 • 6majik9, "Kate Moss"
mymwly0081 • Innig, "Liminal Chorus Of Dawn"
mymwly0082 • Blank Realm, "Free Time"
mymwly0083 • Przewalski's Horses, "A Rock Cast Into The Sea Has More Than A Drowning Fate"
mymwly0084 • Century Plants, "Infinite Eligible Mysteries"
mymwly0085 • 6majik9, "The Majik House"
mymwly0086 • 6majik9, "Your Friends Are A Photograph Of Your Future"
mymwly0087 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Chimes Against Reality"
mymwly0088 • Inhibitionists, "Concession Strings"
mymwly0089 • Terracid, "Out Dual Head Vibration"
mymwly0090 • 6majik9, "Ritualismo Putrido"

— 2008

mymwly0097 • Evening Fires, "The Wood Beyond The World"
mymwly0098 • Gyanism, "An Interstate Pugilist"
mymwly0099 • Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, "Bill Burrowing Under The Moons Aerial High Above"
mymwly0100 • Blank Realm/6majik9, "Live 2007"
mymwly0101 • Rmeaajlimk, "Orphans All Around Us"
mymwly0102 • Terracid, "Skies"
mymwly0104 • 6majik9, "Thank You For Being My Codeine" a.k.a. "Untouched Beems That Have Seen Music From Inside"
mymwly0106 • Mixers By The River, "Born With This"
mymwly0107 • Book Of Shadows, "Isadora Shadow"
mymwly0109 • The Soulighters, "Combo's En Strategieen Met Bepaalde Charcters"
mymwly0111 • Various Artists, "Hand-Rolled Oblivion" 3CDr
mymwly2001 • Terracid, "Found Worlds" (+ hand made collage $30 edition of 20)