6majik9: In Mara's Glove (mymwly0018)


Stephen Clover: "Though I've met them, I've no real idea who they are or which planet they came from. I've seen them live — twice, in fact, in the same weekend — and I've never heard or seen anything like it; never borne witness to such musical lunacy. I've also never heard anything contemporary that reminds me more of Can. But where, in the case of the kraut masters, you might expect — and generally will receive — precision and economy of gesture and deed, "Majik" (the 6 and 9 are silent, dig) can happily provide the opposite. It's as if they's some kinda barely-competent wedding band formed by members of Amon Düül I and who turn up late, fucked-up, and proceed to attempt Can covers, helped by guest appearances from Cheech and Chong. Live they were epic, frightening, and hilarious — a pummeling multi-pronged and seemingly-indefatigable rhythmic attack overlaid with complex sonics, and "poetry" provided by an intoxicated vocalist lunging around and ranting and making enthusiastic gestures with a theremin (something along the lines of a leery, bedenimed Jim Morrison, or a nil-talent Hawkwind). On record they conjure up repeated reference to the same headiness, but in the prolificity of cuts here (the albums number 5 and 7 tracks, respectively) they feel piecemeal and prematurely truncated. I'd prefer to relive those wasted Sydney nights via one prolonged, ferocious mixdown."
(In Mara's Glove/The Human Hand review at Foxy Digitalis)