(((vlubä))): Oh(m) S(o)un(d) (T(h)ree) Angles (mymwly0037)

(((vlubä))) - Oh(m) S(o)un(d) (T(h)ree) Angles (front)

Ω ☼ Δ // Oh, Sun Three Angles // Oh, Sun Tree Angles // Ohm Sound Triangles // Oh, Sun Triangles

Vlubä is:
Lula: psichic voices, brainwave generators, sleep amp, good cook, slide ice whistle, raw drum & cymbals
Aphra: e-guitar, arkarp, kazoo, samsonia, crash cymbal, shinnings balloons, mostros
GMC: nothing, invisible, unsound, paragraph & chupa culos

Original artwork included different insects from Michael's house taped to rear cover.

Remastered by Aphra in 2010


Part 1: Elephant List Green Lions • Can't Opel, Gloomy • That's The Tremors Mountain Sect • Wild Ohm, Hijo Puta's! • Freedrone
Part 2: Oh, Sun Three Angles // Oh, Sun Tree Angles // Oh, Sun Triangles